All the gear for all the year

Whatever your transport or machinery work needs, our fleet of contract equipment and expert operators will get it right the first time.

WVC’s specialised machinery fleet includes up-to-date equipment for a full range of vineyard services as well as transportation options. Our 6 tonne and 12.5 tonne tray-top trucks are suitable for all aspects of haulage.
WVC are fully resourced with a knowledgeable team of Safety and Chemcert accredited operators who are enthusiastic and take pride in their work.


  • Pre-pruning  – Gregoire barrel pruning
  • Trimming  – Collard double side vine trimmer
  • Leaf removing  – Gregoire DX20 leaf plucker
  • Harvesting  – Gregoire harvester
  • Sweeping and mulching  – Double side, one pass
  • Post ramming – post installation, trellis re-working
  • Seeding – mid-row seeding, cover cropping
  • Cultivating  – ripping, disking, ground preparation, levelling
  • Spreading  – fertiliser banding, broadcasting, Marshall multi-spreader
  • Netting  – net wizz
  • Spraying  – recyclic spraying, twin row spraying, weed, disease and pest control
  • Slashing  – under-vine throw
  • Vineyard/vine removing
  • Transport logistics  – trucks for safe delivery of grapes and wine


Contact us to discuss your machinery hire requirements.